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Hayfield Secondary School
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This is a community dedicated to finding other LJ members who currently go to or have gone to Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, VA. Feel free to talk about anything here.

Other communities of interest:

hayfield_ap // for all you AP kids
hayfield_gsa // community for members of Hayfield GSA
germanquotebook // originally dedicated for posting quotes by Frau Bloomberg, a former Hayfield German teacher, now is just a place to post strange German quotes.
flip_the_page // community for people who have [or had] Mr. Johnson as a teacher.
specialkfanclub // community dedicated to Mr. K, the Computer Graphics teacher.
7-11, acting, alexandria virginia, angewoman, anime, anime club, ap classes, ap exams, art, astronomy, band, baseball, basketball, being a ghetto school, being ghetto, being lazy, being stupid, being weird, better than nothing, blue, blue jay walking, canceled school, cheese bus, chess, choir, chorus, class of 2002, class of 2003, class of 2004, class of 2005, class of 2006, class of 2007, computer graphics, computers, cooking, corner pocket, courtyard, cross country, crowded hallways, dance team, dc 101, debate, doing nothing, doodling, drama, drugs, fcps, field hockey, finals, football, freshmen, friends, furbies, furby, gemma glitter, getting lost, going online, golf, graduation, graffiti, guys and dolls, gymnastics, halt, hating math, hating sols, hawks, hayfield, hayfield secondary, hfs, high school, homecoming, honor roll, jaxx, jazz band, journalism, jrotc, junior thespians, juniors, lacrosse, laughing, local bands, lockers, madrigals, marching band, marijuana, mornings at seven, mr. hawk, music, musicals, no no nanette, northern virginia, one-acts, orange, orange and blue, orchestra, pep ralleys, photography, pieing teachers, pit, pit orchestra, planners, pokemon cards, pool on the roof, potomac mills, prom, renovation, rent-a-cops, runsixblank, sats, school, school buses, seniors, shop, skipping class, snow days, soccer, sols, sophomores, spirit week, sports, spring break, springfield mall, steps, students, summer vacation, swimming, teachers, techies, tennis, the band hall, the magic school bus, the sound of music, the turncoats, theater sports, thespians, toliet paper, tom miller, track, track & field, two hour delays, vacation, veryfine, virginia, volleyball, washington d.c., weed, wrestling, wtf?!, yearbook, z104

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