Kathleen (chezecakebettie) wrote in hayfield,

ATTENTION! kingstown people need to read this.

so last night i was sitting in my basement doing some art after my friend left at about 10 and this guy started beckoning to my sister, caroyln, from our back door. so he climbed over the fence and was on our patio right? creepy. carolyn saw him and went over and opened the door but then he was like "oh sorry i could have sworn my friend lived here. sorry." and then he left. i didn't see him because i was on the floor at a weird angle and the door frame was blocking my view. so about an hour or so later carolyn says she was sitting downstairs again sitting at our computer and she thought she saw something moving so she looked out and the same guy was out there masturbating. she backed up out of his view and was too scared to do anything but after a little while she went back to the computer and he wasn't out there anymore. but then, he came back and started beckoning to her again so she gave him the "just a second" hand motion and went up stairs to get her knives. when she came back no one was there.

you need to lock your doors and be on the look out for this weirdo. i didn't see him but carolyn says he was prolly in his 30's, had greyish blond hair, was white, thin, and about 6 feet tall.

X posted to my own journal because this is creepy. please send this message to any one you know who lives in kingstown.
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